Straight Hose

Mackay general purpose straight hose SHW19 to SHW63 is manufactured from good quality heat, water and ozone resistant EPDM with rayon knitted reinforcement, that conforms to Spec. SAE J20R4 Class D-1. Minimum burst pressure range -0.62 to 1.03 MPa depending on ID size. This hose is NOT suitable for petroluem based fluids.

Sizes SHF38 to SHF63 are maufactured from Nitrile entirely, and meet Spec. SAE30R6, and will withstand a working temperature of 100 C and a pressure of 0.11 MPa (16psi). These hoses are suitable for FUEL APPLICATIONS ONLY and are recommended for fuel filler applications. They are NOT suitable for use as a coolant hose.

Universal Hose Springs

Galvanised springs for use in non-standard applications where the hose may be more susceptible to vacuum collapse.

To insert spring into hose lubricate with soapy water.

Part Number     Spring OD
(Fits Hose ID)   
    CHS53G       35   287
    CHS45G       42   254
    CHS55G       42   387
    CHS56G       42   304
    CHS42G       48   381

                                   Straight Hose

Name Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Straight Hose SHW19 1000 19
Straight Hose SHW22 1000 22
Straight Hose SHW25 1000 25
Straight Hose SHW28 1000 28
Straight Hose SHW32 1000 32
Straight Hose SHW35 1000 35
Straight Hose SHW38 1000 38
Straight Hose SHW41 1000 41
Straight Hose SHW44 1000 44
Straight Hose SHW48 1000 48
Straight Hose SHW51 1000 51
Straight Hose SHW54 1000 54
Straight Hose SHW57 1000 57
Straight Hose SHW63 1000 63
Straight Hose SHF38 1000 38
Straight Hose SHF51 1000 51
Straight Hose SHF54 1000 54
Straight Hose SHF57 1000 57
Straight Hose SHF63 1000 63