ANB 200

Product code: ANB 200

The shockbuffer type ANB is used to effectively limit movement of equipment or machine components.

Typical field applications would be:

  • Wagons
  • Traversing cranes
  • Lifting cranes
  • Working beams
  • Falling goods
  • Container handling equipment
  • Cabinets
  • Forestry vehicles
  • Off-road material handling equipment.

Through the low resilience of rubber, a high degree of absorption is achieved. The rubber is stiffer under dynamic conditions compared to static or pseudo-static loading; hence more energy is absorbed for a given deformation.

Buffer type ANB consists of a cylindrical rubber body bonded to a square baseplate of steel. Each corner of the baseplate has a fixing hole.

Special high hysteresis rubber compound is used to ensure as much energy absorption as possible. The volume of the rubber is used at optimum efficiency.

For new machine developments simpler designs and lighter calculated forces can be considered, enabling a lower cost.

A - Length 240mm
A2 - Length 200mm
C- Height 168mm
D - Diameter 200mm
E - Hole Diameter 13.5mm
Weight 9.1kg
Plate Thickness 8mm
Max Load - Compression 18000kg