Flexible Couplings

Fractional kW Flexible Couplings are specially developed couplings whereby
torque is transmitted by rubber in shear, resulting in an unusually high
degree of flexibility with effective absorption of torsional vibration.

These couplings comprise two steel bushes bonded to a high tensile rubber.
Having no ungainly projections, they are pleasing in appearance and with
no loose parts to handle are easy to install.


  • Misalignment Accommodation

The metal sleeves are so spaced that some angular misalignment is permitted
without undue stress either on the bond or in the body of the rubber. Parallel
misalignment is also accommodated, primarily through the shear stress of
the rubber. It is advised, however, that misalignment between drive and
driven units be kept to a minimum.

  • ┬áNoise Reduction

Shear stressed rubber prevents telegraphic transmission of sound and all
such high frequency vibrations – therefore stops gear tooth noise, motor
hum, etc., ordinarily transmitted through the driving shaft.

Name Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)

Flexible Coupling M13418

51 32 22 13 0.1

Flexible Coupling M13414

64 41 28 13 0.2

Flexible Coupling M13412

68 46 35 16 0.3

Flexible Coupling M13434

73 51 38 19 0.4