MD Anti Vibration Mounts

  •  AMC-Mecanocaucho® MD-type anti vibration mounts have a similar construction to the BSB and BRB ranges. The advantage of this mount is that it is manufactured in a high-damping rubber compound.

Its special compound mix affords it a high degree of anti vibration isolation and yet offers great stability to suspended equipment .

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Technical characteristics

  • The top metal cap protects the rubber section from possible deisel , oil splashes.
  • It has an electrolytic coating that protects the metal parts against corrosion.
  • The mounts have an interlocking metal component that provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits vertical movement when the mounts are subjected to shock loads in transit .


This mount has been specially designed to isolate engines that produce high-amplitude vibrations.

Engines from 1 to 3 cylinders used on – Motor Pumps, Gen Sets, Compressors, Ventilators.