Hy-Deflection isolators provide flexible support for mechanical apparatus
which is subject to intermittent or continuous low frequency, high amplitude

The design provides soft spring rate quality in all directions with exceptional
horizontal stability.


Hy-Deflection isolators are traditionally used in equipment where a high
degree of vibration isolation is required, such as:

  • Vibrating Screens
  • Vibrating Conveyors
  • Generators
  • Industrial Refrigeration Units
  • Air Conditioning Compressors
  • Industrial Pumping Equipment
  • Shipboard Applications

The ease of installation makes it suitable for numerous other applications.


These Hy-Deflection isolators are recommended for use where the disturbing
or forced frequency is as low as 5 Hz.Their lattice design provides a soft
vertical spring rate combined with lateral stability. This isolator is
intended for anti-vibration applications where a high static deflection
is required, but is not suitable for applications involving repetitive
shock load.

Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Durometer - IRH Weight (kg) Max Load - Compression (kg) Max Load - Shear (kg) Max Deflection - Shear (mm) Plate Thickness (mm) Max Deflection - Compression (mm)

Hy-Deflection M18840

305 140 19 125 40 10.0 350 25 12 25

Hy-Deflection M18860

305 140 19 125 60 10.0 800 28 12 28

Hy-Deflection M18875

305 140 19 125 75 10.0 1400 25 12 26