Seismic Mounts

Hancock Industrial Ltd can offer a selection of Seismic Mounts. These are spring mounting systems able to withstand earthquakes, and are manufactured with mechanical anchoring systems which ensure integrity in static applications, while offering multi-directional flexible restraint to limit movement during seismic disturbance.

AMC – MECHANOCAUCHO is a European manufacturer of seismic spring mounts.
AMC Seismic Mounts are used where equipment requires the use of a spring type mounting for a high degree of isolation under normal operating conditions, over a range of interfering frequencies.The spring mounts can also incorporate microcellular polyurethane (Sylomer®) which is effective in isolating vibration at mid to higher frequencies.

In addition, these mounts have the ability to restrain equipment from excessive motion in any direction, due to forces generated by seismic activity.
With the necessary data it is possible to establish forces in 6 degrees of freedom, and compliance with NZS4219 for New Zealand seismic zones.

Contact us to discuss your particular application. With the appropriate
data, we are able to carry out a calculation in order to check compliance
with the requirements of NZS4219:2009

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