MINIFIX is a machine support that is composed of a rubber foot with a
grooved anti-slip base and a threaded stud which allows equipment to be
accurately adjusted.

• Anti-Vibration
• Reliable
• Economical

MINIFIX is produced in two rubber hardnesses and is supplied complete
with locking nuts and washers.

Simple and economical the MINIFIX machine foot is of particular use in
the following applications:

• Electronic cabinets
• Laboratory Equipment
• Agricultural Equipment
• Packing Machinery
• Surveying Equipment
• Measuring Equipment
• Domestic Appliances
• Electrical Installations
• Food Processing Machines
• Factory Equipment


• No floor bolting required
• Controls noise, shock and vibration
• Save on installation and relocation
• Fats, simplified and precise leveling of all machines
• Compensates for uneven floors

Name Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Durometer - IRH Weight (kg) Stud Size Max Load - Compression (kg)

Minifix M53080550

53 46 50 0.1 M10 40

Minifix M53080580

53 46 80 0.1 M10 100