3" Comp

Widely used for suspending engines on road vehicles and may also be employed
as springs for vibratory equipment.

Rectangular SAW mounts are also known as “Sandwich” mountings because
they feature a rubber section sandwiched between plates of metal. This
arrangement allows a large difference between the compression and shear
stiffnesses, thus providing the potential to ‘tune’ a mounting system by
rotating the mountings. These mountings are commonly installed in a ‘Vee’
formation to utilise this feature.


  • Available with plate or stud fixings.
  • Can be loaded in compression or shear, or a combination of both, for example
    in a ‘Vee’ arrangement.
  • Can be manufactured with or without interleaves to change the ratio of
    shear to compression stiffness.

Name Length (mm) A2 - Length (mm) Height (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Durometer - IRH Weight (kg) Plate Thickness (mm) Max Load - Shear (kg) Max Deflection - Shear (mm)

Novibra Type 3″ COMP-55

182 146 76 13 55 3.4 7.5 220 13

Novibra Type 3″ COMP-60

182 146 76 13 60 3.4 7.5 280 13

Novibra Type 3″ COMP-65

182 146 76 13 65 3.4 7.5 340 13