Novibra Type 3″ COMP-60

Product code: 3" Comp-60

  • Metalastik type Rectangular SAW Mountings and Novibra Type 3″ COMP
  • Widely used for suspending engines on road vehicles and may also be employed as springs for vibratory equipment.
  • Rectangular SAW mounts are also known as “Sandwich” mountings because they feature a rubber section sandwiched between plates of metal. This arrangement allows a large difference between the compression and shear stiffnesses, thus providing the potential to ‘tune’ a mounting system by rotating the mountings. These mountings are commonly installed in a ‘Vee’ formation to utilise this feature.
  • Features
  • Available with plate or stud fixings
  • Can be loaded in compression or shear, or a combination of both, for example in a ‘Vee’ arrangement.
  • Can be manufactured with or without interleaves to change the ratio of shear to compression stiffness.
A - Length 182mm
A2 - Length 146mm
C- Height 76mm
E - Hole Diameter 13mm
Durometer - IRH 60
Weight 3.4kg
Plate Thickness 7.5mm
Max Load - Shear 280kg
Max Deflection - Shear 13mm