FZM Wire Mesh Mounts

The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO® type FZM mounts are ideal for mobile applications where high temperatures up to 300º C are present.

Its specific design allows very similar traction and compression stiffness rates. This feature is particularly useful on those applications where vibration in the vertical sense is predominant. The metal parts are robust and incorporate a fail-safe device in order to resist traction forces.

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Technical characteristics

The cast aluminum bell has been designed to withstand to great dynamic shocks while the stainless steel wire fits tight to avoid relative displacements.

The stainless steel wire mesh and the aluminum top cap provide a higher resistance to marine corrosive environments, improving the performance of traditional marine antivibration mounts. The failsafe device limits the vertical ascendant movement. The damping properties of the stainless steel wire mesh allows low amplification to resonance allowing stable suspended elements.


The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO® type FZM metallic mount is used for applications exposed to high temperatures or mobile applications , for example mounting on board equipment in ships, rail, road transport such as engines, pumps, generator sets or pipe work or exhaust.