Conical Buffers

For inexpensive and effective control of machinery vibration, shock and
acoustic noise.

These buffers are used for controlling impact and may be used as snubbing
washers when excessive shock loads are encountered in resiliently mounted

Designed specifically to control impact and torque reaction loads.

*Uses Multicushion Studs (refer optional stud system details)

Name Diameter (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Max Load - Compression (kg) Max Deflection - Compression (mm)

Conical Buffer M172M8

42 M8 50 0.1 250 20

Conical Buffer M173M10

51 M10 65 0.2 870 20

Conical Buffer M115008

25 M8 230

Conical Buffer M115009

30 M6 150

Conical Buffer M115014

72 M12 660

Conical Buffer M115015

95 M16 1100