Cone Mounts

Cone mounts are designed for use in engines and auxiliaries in static applications and vehicle applications of all kinds.

Cone mounts work the rubber in shear and compression.

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Technical characteristics

The AMC-Mecanocaucho® Cone mounts are safe and stable elements. They do not allow the suspended elements to tilt, whilst being flexible enough to avoid the transmission of noise and vibration through the support structure.

They are supplied complete with bump stop and centering washers. This renders deflection above the limits of the Mecanocaucho® Cones impossible, even at extreme loads.

The washers protect the natural rubber (which is highly elastic and highly resistant) from ozone and ageing, as well as from metal knocks and dripping oil. The characteristic deflection curves of the AMC-Mecanocaucho® Cone mounts with centering washer are quite linear, increasing progressively as the load increases. Thanks to this they can safely dampen overloads of up to three times the maximum admissible load.


The cutouts on the rubber section offer different horizontal/vertical stiffness ratios. This feature is specially interesting for those applications where a lower stiffness is required in one of the axes. Our Technical Department can provide you with the elastical constants for each axis and can also recommend the optimal position of the cutouts for best results.