V_Shaped Generator Isolator

V-Shaped Generator Isolator


TheV-Shaped Generator supports are comprised of 2 symmetrically-tilted
parts with a screw on each side.


The V-Shaped Generator Mounts render it possible to make installations
which are more elastic than the ones usually made with cylindrical or bobbin
mounts. This makes it possible to achieve lower frequency and consequently
better vibration isolation.

Stability is enhanced when two mounts are installed symmetrically opposed.

They have two different length screws which facilitate the assembly of
the engine to the chassis.

They have two “anti-turn” tabs which stop the mount from turning when
strong tightening torque is applied (very frequently) with pneumatic tools.

They are supplied in 2 hardnesses to accommodate different load ranges.

They provide vibration attenuation of above 90% in diesel or petrol single-cylinder
engines running at 3000 rpm.


Very low load engines requiring high levels of isolation.

• Portable Gen-sets
• Compressors
• Motor pumps

Name Width (mm) Height (mm) Durometer - IRH Weight (kg) Stud Size Plate Thickness (mm) Max Load - Compression (kg) Max Deflection - Compression (mm)

V-Shaped Generator Isolator M148151

47 23 45 0.1 M8 3 5 5

V-Shaped Generator Isolator M148153

47 23 60 0.1 M8 3 15 5

V-Shaped Generator Isolator M148171

54 31 45 0.2 M8 3 43 9

TEST V-Shaped Generator Isolator M148173 (Copy)

54 31 60 0.2 M8 3 90 9

V-Shaped Generator Isolator M148173

54 31 60 0.2 M8 3 90 9