Instrument Shear Isolators

Extra flexible….ideal for shear stress applications.

Resilient bearing applications for lightweight machinery, precision instruments
and equipment.

The M513 isolators are designed for the suspension of precision
instruments, so that they can be suspended singly or in groups on a common

For the type of instruments that either show erroneous readings or are
quickly damaged by even the slightest of shocks, these isolators are constructed
so that easy defections are ensured.

The M513 mounts are much stiffer in compression than in shear, and therefore
they should be installed so that the rubber is constantly in shear.

Being very suitable for low frequency isolation, they are excellent when
used to isolate vibration and/or shock in such items as closed circuit
television cameras, scientific instruments, switchboards, etc.

Name Length (mm) A2 - Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Durometer - IRH Weight (kg) Plate Thickness (mm)

Instrument Isolator M5132528440

70 50 25 28 5 40 0.07

Instrument Isolator M5132528455

70 50 25 28 5 55 0.07

Instrument Isolator M5132142340

78 59 25 34 6.5 40 0.07 2

Instrument Isolator M5132142355

78 59 25 34 6.5 5 0.07 2