Double Shear

These isolators are particularly versatile and suitable for all types
of machinery and structures. The M100 is well suited to installations that
require the isolator to resist the sideways pull with belt driven loads
and to maintain the centre distance for gears, without a loss of isolation
efficiency in the vertical direction.

The isolator consists of three steel members which are securely bonded
to two sections of rubber in its most effective manner, i.e. in shear with
progressively increasing compression.

The M100 mount is available in 50 and 60 durometer. The mounting holes
can be drilled to suit individual requirements. The isolator can be bolted
or welded to a separate retention plate if preferred, but SECURE fixing
is generally recommended.

IMPORTANT: The M100 isolator should be securely fixed to the foundations
before the load is applied, to prevent the mount spreading, and therefore
not allowing it to achieve the correct deflections.

The standard lengths are 150mm and 300mm. If a load rating calls for smaller
lengths, it is an easy matter to cut to the required size.

Name Width (mm) B2 - Width (mm) Height (mm) Durometer - IRH

Double Shear Isolator M10050

129 20.5 36.5 50

Double Shear Isolator M10060

129 20.5 36.5 60