Product code: BA20A

Novibra type BA and Metalastik type Double U-shear are equally suitable for isolating vibrations from low speed machines and equimpent. Protects sensitive and light weight units from external shocks and vibrations.

Type BA and Double U-Shear are easy to install and ideal for applications such as:

  • Light fans and compressors
  • Portable gensets and pumps
  • Computers and electronic units
  • Transit cases
  • Measuring and test instruments
  • Gauging equipment


Novibra type BA and Metalastik type Double U-Shear mountings utilise bonded rubber in shear to permit relatively high deflections. Provides excellent isolation of low frequencies. (Type BA 20/2 is a half section suitable for very light loads). On rotating equipment applications, the soft axis should be at right angles to the shaft. On mobile applications, the stiff axis should be aligned in the direction of travel. For transit case applications, the mountings need to be arranged so that the horizontal stiffness is the same in all directions.

A - Length 90mm
B - Width 20mm
C- Height 50mm
E - Hole Diameter 8mm
Durometer - IRH 40
Weight 0.16kg
Plate Thickness 4mm
Max Load - Shear 20kg
Max Deflection - Shear 6.0mm