Cushyfloat 17-1609-45

Product code: 17-1609-45

The Cushyfloat mounting is an ideal general purpose unit designed to provide effective isolation of vibration and noise arising from many types of  static and mobile equipment, including:

  • Marine, industrial and vehicle engines
  • Generator sets
  • Pumps
  • Compressors


Originally designed for use with marine engines, this compact low profile mounting is easy to install. It combines 3 way control of the suspended equipment with relatively large static deflections where the rubber is loaded in shear and compression.

The design incorporates bump and rebound control features, which limit excessive movements under shock loading. The top metal cover gives protection against oil contamination.

Protective finish resists corrosion attack. Propeller thrust on marine applications is accommodated. There are four sizes in the standard range, which with varying degrees of rubber hardness cater for point loads from 32kg to 3000kg. Natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz are possible.

N.B. When used in marine applications with thrust forces involved, the maximum load capacity is substantially reduced!

A - Length 183mm
A2 - Length 140mm
B - Width 75mm
C- Height 50mm
E - Hole Diameter M16mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 13x20mm
Durometer - IRH 45
Weight 0.9kg
Max Load - Compression 150kg
Max Deflection - Compression 6.7mm