Cushyfoot 17-0213-45

Product code: 17-0213-45

Cushyfoot mountings are suitable for many different types of machinery, e.g. diesel engines, generator sets, compressors, fans, hydraulic units and lift machinery.


Cushyfoot mountings have two rubber elements, used in shear and compression, to provide excellent stiffness characteristics for the isolation of a wide range of vibration frequencies.

There are three sizes, 17-0290 for loads up to 230 kg per mounting, 17-0213 for loads up to 1250 kg, and 17-0346, which will carry up to 1280 kg per mounting, but will provide up to 16 mm static deflection.

The Cushyfoot mounting has the following features:

  • A wide load range from 50 to 1280kg.
  • Stamped identification plates for product identification.
  • Strong castings for safety and reliability.
  • Dissimilar horizontal stiffnesses give optimum vibration isolation and motion control.
A - Length 205mm
A2 - Length 165mm
A3 - Length 230mm
B - Width 204mm
B2 - Width 148mm
C- Height 110mm
E - Hole Diameter M16mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 18mm
Durometer - IRH 45
Weight 10kg
Max Load - Compression 590kg
Max Deflection - Compression 8.5mm