Fanflex MC 6535-65

Product code: Fanflex MC 6535-65

A simple mounting designed predominantly for the suspension of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.

May be used for:

Pumps, fans,compressors and control cabinets.


Simple design with metal parts encapsulated in high grade oil-resisting rubber compound giving good environmental resistance.

Provides relatively large static deflections and hence high degree of vibration attenuation – 90% isolation for disturbing frequencies of 15 Hz (900 r.p.m.).

Range gives capacity for point loads of 35 kg to 350 kg.

A - Length 65mm
A2 - Length 48mm
C- Height 36mm
D - Diameter 51mm
E - Hole Diameter M12mm
Durometer - IRH 65
Weight 0.12kg
Plate Thickness 5mm
Max Load - Compression 115kg
Max Deflection - Compression 5.7mm