Flange Isolator M14050

Product code: M14050

These special isolators were developed to meet almost every type of machinery installation within the loading range, with telescopic metal inserts providing considerable stability in all directions.
The two light duty isolators, M110 and M114, are equipped with upper metal inserts, tapped to receive standard bolts or set screws.
The isolators can be fastened to the floor or other base, with bolts through the two lugs of the lower metal stamping. When using the heavy duty isolators M139 amd M140, loads can be suspended as well as supported.

Interlocking flanges incorporated in M139 and M140 isolators ensure suspension even if the rubber is completely destroyed by fire, etc.

A - Length 141mm
A2 - Length 110.0mm
B - Width 83mm
C- Height 41mm
E - Hole Diameter 17/32"mm
Durometer - IRH 50
Weight 0.4kg
Max Load - Compression 350kg
Max Deflection - Compression 4.4mm
Max Load - Shear 180kg
Max Deflection - Shear 4.8mm