Flanged Instrumount 17-1801-60

Product code: 17-1081-60

These mountings are suitable for both mobile and static applications, for the protection of sensitive equipment from external vibration, or for vibration isolation of small fan sets, transformers and similar equipment. Flanged Instrumounts can be fail-safe if fitted with a washer to the top and bottom of the rubber section.


  • Fail-safe when fitted with overload and rebound washers of the same diameter as the rubber section.
  • Load range from 2.7 to 5.4 kg.
  • Static deflection up to 3mm.
  • Easy to fit as part of a cabinet enclosure.
  • Can be used in both vertical directions.
A - Length 45mm
A2 - Length 35mm
C- Height 16mm
D - Diameter 38mm
E - Hole Diameter 6.6mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 4mm
Durometer - IRH 60
Weight 0.03kg
Plate Thickness 1.3mm
Max Load - Compression 5.4kg
Max Deflection - Compression 2.4mm