Product code: GK1-40

Mounting type GK  is specifically designed for isolation of heavy machinery with low interfering frequencies. It is widely used under concrete foundations supporting heavy machinery.

The long narrow section enables type GK to be suitable for fitting under a common structural frame supporting different equipments.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Rolling mills
  • Mixers
  • Gearboxes
  • Industrial fans
  • Paper mills
  • Converters
  • Sound enclosures
  • Floating structures


Type GK is a heavy duty mounting with excellent flexible characteristics in both vertical and lateral planes. Deflection of up to 30mm is possible, making type GK suitable for installations with low disturbing frequencies.

Installation is simple, eliminating traditional methods of attachment to machinery or support structure.

A - Length 400mm
B - Width 175mm
C- Height 150mm
Durometer - IRH 40
Weight 10.7kg
Max Load - Compression 4000kg
Max Deflection - Compression 32mm
Max Load - Shear 1670kg
Max Deflection - Shear 83mm