Instrument Isolator M1164

Product code: M1164

The Mackay range of instrument isolators are widely used to isolate steady static vibration and the control of occasional shock.

These mountings are easy to install and are in configurations to suit a variety of design requirements. It is generally recommended that snubbing washers be used to provide an interlocking system of metal parts which act to prevent damage from overload or excessive shock impact.

The snubbing washers act to restrict axial movement when space limitations must be considered, but they have no other effect upon the action or efficiency of the mounting.

This type of isolator is particularly suitable for the isolation of noise transmission and similar high frequency vibration.

A - Length 44mm
A2 - Length 35mm
C- Height 16mm
D - Diameter 38mm
E - Hole Diameter 6mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 4mm
Weight 0.03kg
Plate Thickness 1.2mm
Max Load - Compression 1.8kg
Max Deflection - Compression 1.5mm