Isomount M240045

Product code: M240045


Isomounts are general purpose vibration isolators suitable for mobile and static equipment installations.

Available in three different sizes Isomounts come in a choice of rubber hardnesses and can be supplied with two types of specialist height adjusters.

Isomount isolators are suitable for operation under all types of engines. They offer 3way contrl of engine movemen with excellent isolation efficiency. Maximum use of this 3-way control can be obtained by arranging the isolator with their maximum flexibility (Y) at right angles to the engine crankshaft and maximum stiffness (X) in line with the crankshaft. Using the isolators in this manner also has the advantage in marine applications of providing isolation against propellor thrust.
The Isomount range also features bump and rebound control, which prevents excessive movement under shock loads.

Height Adjusters.Height adjusters are available for each Isomount isolator. (See Fig Isomount6)

Type ‘1’ is supplied minus height adjuster.

Type ‘2’ is a high tensile height adjuster suitable for most mobile applications.

Height adjusters are rcommended where precise alignment is required. Care should be taken not to allow excessive bending forces to be imposed on the centre spindle.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSIt is important that isolators of the correct size (weight carrying capacity) and the rubber hardness are selected to suit the application.

Ensure tightening torque values for the centre bolt fixing are followed as below:

A - Length 228mm
A2 - Length 182mm
B - Width 112mm
C- Height 68.0mm
E - Hole Diameter M20mm
Durometer - IRH 45
Weight 2.2kg
Max Load - Compression 355kg
Max Deflection - Compression 5mm