Leveling Isolator M51058541-55

Product code: M51058541-55

This range of isolators offer increased protection to the rubber in applications where this is considered necessary, as well as the metal components being galvanized to protect against corrosion.

They are also available with a leveling spindle to allow effortless level adjustment so that the height of the machines can be set precisely. The isolators can be used without being anchored to the floor by the use of the rubber underlay which is resistant to oil. It is suggested that before mounting the underlay that the studs are moistened with soapy water.

The isolators provide excellent isolation efficiency with equal load capacity in both compression and shear. They are suitable for applications where restraint in the horizontal position is required, but good isolation is needed in the vertical plane.

The isolators are available in three sizes and three elastomer hardnesses (40 duro, 55 duro, 65 duro) while providing load capacity from 50kg to 2,000kg.

C- Height 70mm
D - Diameter 200mm
D2 - Inner Diameter 165mm
E - Hole Diameter 13mm
Durometer - IRH 55
Weight 4.3kg
Stud Size M20
Plate Thickness 6mm
Max Load - Compression 1200kg
Max Deflection - Compression 5.24mm