Metacone 17-1691-60

Product code: 17-1691-60

Metalastik Metacone & Novibra HK

A range of mountings designed for high load capacity with relatively large static deflections. The high loading for a given size is achieved by utilising the rubber to best advantage in shear and compression. Normally, mountings are assembled with overload and rebound washers to control and limit movement of the suspended equipment under shock loads. Centre fixing bolts should be torque tightened to the recommended values.

Allications include suspensions for:

  • Off-road and road vehicle engines
  • Vehicle Cabs
  • Oil Tanks/Tankers
  • Mobile applications


A compact fail safe design, available for a wide range of loadings with in some cases alternative fixings.

Cutouts in rubber section on various sizes provide different vertical/horizontal stiffness ratios.

Most sizes can be supplied complete with overload and rebound washers.

A - Length 102mm
A2 - Length 82.5mm
B - Width 76mm
C- Height 51mm
D - Diameter 63mm
D2 - Inner Diameter 54mm
E - Hole Diameter 16.2mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 12.3mm
Durometer - IRH 60
Weight 0.44kg
Plate Thickness 3.5mm
Max Load - Compression 144kg
Max Deflection - Compression 3.6mm