Metaxentric Bush 13-2174-60

Product code: 13-2174-60

Similar to conventional Ultra Duty Bushes but with inner and outer sleeves offset radially. This feature provides a greater rubber thickness and hence increased flexibility in the normal direction of loading while maintaining control in other modes and still allowing torsion movement.

The rubber is relieved to eliminate harmful tensile stresses.


  • Vehicle spring eye mounting
  • Tilt Cab pivot bush
  • Engine mounting


Metaxentric bushes have a large rubber section with the central pin offset towards one radial plane. These bushes can provide a relatively large radial deflection, but have excellent motion control characteristics.

The Metaxentric bush has the following features:

  • Three dissimilar translational stiffnesses for the best vibration isolation and motion control.
  • Load range from 130 to 400 kg.
  • “Rising rate” stiffness characteristics for overload conditions help to limit motion and transmitted acceleration.
  • Robust and fail-safe, suitable for ROPS and FOPS cab structures.
  • Simple to fit, the housing lends itself to robust structures.
B - Width 70mm
B2 - Width 50.8mm
D - Diameter 75.3mm
E - Hole Diameter 24mm
Durometer - IRH 60
Weight 0.59kg