Mobile Two Piece Isolator M53090325

Product code: M53090325

The Mobile Two Piece isolator is made of two parts of elastomer bonded to a central tube.
• Interior reinforced : cylindrical tube
• Elastomer: Neoprene. Range of three different stiffnesses

The design of the Mobile Two Piece isolator gives the following basic characteristics.
• Elastomer element resistant to oils
• Absorb vibrations and reduce noise in all directions

• Good isolation against structural noise
• Neoprene resistance to oils, most solvents and ozone
• Simple and economical
• Simple to fit
• Four sizes for axial load capacity from 18-953 kg.
• Anti-rebound effect when it is assembled with a washer.

Mobile Two Piece isolators can be used in static or mobile applications, such as:
• Pumps
• Generators
• Compressors
• Electronic Equipment
• Engines
• Transmissions
• Plant cabs
• Radiators

C- Height 49.2mm
D - Diameter 47.7mm
E - Hole Diameter 13.5mm
Durometer - IRH 75
Weight 0.14kg
Max Load - Compression 286kg
Max Deflection - Compression 2.4mm