Slimline M51010396555

Product code: M51010396555

Slimline machinery isolators offer increased protection to the rubber element in applications where it is considered necessary.

The series provide excellent isolation efficiency with an equal load capacity in both compression and shear.
They are suitable for all applications where restraint in horizontal movement is required but good isolation is needed in the vertical plane.

  • Slimline two hole mounting
  • Elongated universal mounting holes
  • Low profile to reduce centre of gravity
A - Length 122mm
A2 - Length 96mm
B - Width 76mm
C- Height 33mm
D - Diameter 72mm
E - Hole Diameter M10mm
Durometer - IRH 55
Weight 0.3kg
Plate Thickness 2mm
Max Load - Compression 250kg
Max Load - Shear 250kg