Stainless Steel Multicushion M11403040

Product code: M11403040

Stainless steel Multicushion isolators are manufactured in the most popular sizes from high grade natural rubber and stainless steel (type 304) metal components.

Available in two rubber hardnesses the cushions are supplied without fixing studs. Mackay recommendsfixing with appropriate stainless steel hexagonal socket set screws used with an appropriate locking compound.

Note! Multicushions are not recommended for use under permanent tension loading.
Ensure load is applied to full face and not just on the thread.

C- Height 30mm
D - Diameter 40mm
E - Hole Diameter M8mm
Durometer - IRH 40
Weight 0.09kg
Max Load - Compression 40.5kg
Max Deflection - Compression 4mm
Max Load - Shear 17.5kg
Max Deflection - Shear 5mm