Torsion Isolator M5123151065

Product code: M5123151065

Torsion Isolators lend themselves to a wide variety of applications as they can be subjected to compression, torsion or shear.

They are of particular use in all types of handling equipment, and because of the ease of fitment of the M512 series, lend themselves to installation of connections and supporting links in shaker screens, conveyors, etc.

The torsional stiffness of the M512 is particularly low and therefore reduces friction losses and power loss in vibrating drives, and offers a service free torsional bearing with equi-directional resilience.

A - Length 75mm
A2 - Length 60mm
B - Width 33mm
B2 - Width 30mm
C- Height 44mm
E - Hole Diameter 18mm
E2 - Hole Diameter 5.2mm
Durometer - IRH 65
Weight 0.2kg
Plate Thickness 2mm