U-Flex M140350

Product code: M140350

Mackay U-Flex isolators are general purpose isolators which offer excellent protection against vibration and shock to a wide range of applications including electronic apparatus, vibrators feeders, general machinery, as well as equipment in packing cases during transit.

U-Flex isolators are most flexible in directions X and Y (refer drawing) when the rubber is used in shear, and offer greater stiffness in direction Z where the rubber is used in compression. This characteristic is particularly useful when limitation of movement is required in one direction.

If used as engine supports, the U-Flex isolator should be employed so that the maximum flexibility (X) is used vertically, and (Y) at right angles to the crankshaft, as the vibrations are most severe in these directions.

A - Length 86mm
B - Width 64mm
C- Height 108mm
Durometer - IRH 50
Weight 1.0kg
Max Load - Shear 200kg
Max Deflection - Shear 7.5mm