V-Shaped Marine Mount M148006

Product code: M148006


The V-Shaped Marine Mount works the elastomer in shear & compression. It is comprised of 2 metal parts which permit its installation by means of a srew at the top and 2 holes for securing to the chassis.


The V-Shaped Marine Mount has a V-shaped architecture to provide major deflection at low loads. This means that the natural frequency is low and ideal for engines which normally work “ticking over”.
It has 3 different stiffnesses per axis X,Y Z to be able to adjust the modes of the suspended unit to obtain an optimal isolation.


Used where the load of the suspended unit is low and the  level of vibration isolation required is high:

  • Small vehicles or machines
  • Small and medium-sized gen sets
  • Marine engines
A - Length 205mm
A2 - Length 173mm
B - Width 60mm
C- Height 75mm
Durometer - IRH 70
Weight 1.7kg
Stud Size M16
Plate Thickness 6.2mm
Max Load - Compression 150kg
Max Deflection - Compression 5mm