VP & UD Bushes VP40/7065

Product code: VP40/7065

For vehicle suspension, pivot arms and all types of mechanical linkage, permits oscillating movement through the deflection of rubber in shear. Suitable to replace roller bearings where small motions are required (up to 20 degrees). Reduces shock loads and noise transmission in structures.


  • Vehicle suspension arms
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Conveyor tracks
  • Mechanical linkages
  • Pivot bearings


Novibra type VP and Metalastik type UD consist of two concentric sleeves with rubber securely bonded between them. Designed to accommodate torsional movements and axial and radial loads. The rubber is prestressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability.

The bonded rubber takes up the full movement. Lubrication or other bearing maintenance is not required. The bush has excellent sound and vibration isolation characteristics, enabling structures fitted with these bushes to be silent and vibration free.              

A - Length 65mm
A2 - Length 55mm
D - Diameter 70mm
E - Hole Diameter 40mm
Durometer - IRH 60
Weight 0.56kg