Caterpillar Cab Mounts

Caterpillar Elphinstone is fitting heavy-duty cab mounts from Trelleborg Industrial AVS throughout its range of LHD (long haul dump) underground mining loaders.

The machines fitted with Trelleborg cab mounts are the R1300G, R1600G, R1700G and the R2900G LHDs, designed and built by Caterpillar Underground Mining in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.Powered by Caterpillar engines from 136 kW to 321 kW gross power, they weigh from 27 tonnes to 67 tonnes.These vehicles are capable of carrying payloads from 6,800 kg to 20,000 kgup slopes of 1 in 5 or 20%.

All machines in the range offer a choice between an open operator station and an enclosed cab.The open option incorporates a protective structure in accordance with ROPS (roll-over) and FOPS (falling object) regulations and is resiliently mounted via Treleborg’s TrellExtreme ┬« Ultra Duty bushes.UD bushes are also used to isolate the optional enclosed cab, which offers a sound-suppressed working environment, as well as fresh, pressurized temperature-controlled air circulation, ergonomic design and a high level of comfort.

TrellExtreme® UD bushes are extremely rugged rubber/metal assemblies designed to permit oscillating movement through deflection in shear and compression.They do not require lubrication and so are virtually maintenance-free.In this application, their primary function is to protect the cab from noise and vibration and to ensure a comfortable, resilient ride for the operator as the vehicle travels over rough and difficult terrain underground.However, working in such demanding conditions, the machines and their Trelleborg cab mounts also have to withstand occasional high-impact loads when the operator accidentally grazes the walls of the underground driveways.