Tractor Mounts

Trelleborg Industrial AVS is to supply anti-vibration and suspension components for a new backhoe loader developed by the Mahindra Group of Mumbai, India. Mahindra has chosen Trelleborg’s Metacone and EH mounts to isolate the engine and cab in its new backhoe loader, due for launch 2011. This indicates a commitment to ensuring world-class levels of noise and vibration suppression.

The TrellExtreme® Metacone mount is a robust rubber/metal unit combining bump and rebound control with good vibration isolation. It is designed to provide high load capacity together with relatively significant deflections in the axial direction and is available in a range of sizes for loads from 30kg to1000kg. It has an exceptionally long and successful track record, due in part to its ability to deliver operator comfort, while also helping to protect the engine, running gear and vehicle body from the effects of shock and vibration.

TrellExtreme® EH mountings are designed primarily for mobile applications such as construction equipment, agricultural, materials-handling and off-highway vehicles, to compensate for high dynamic and shock forces. The mountings consist of an assembly of two rubber/metal elements which provide excellent horizontal stability while restricting dynamic vertical movements in both directions. Simple, fail-safe and easy to install, the design attenuates structure-borne noise, accommodates any misalignment or distortion and is available for loads from 60kg to 350kg.

The Mahindra Group is a diverse USD 6.7 billion corporation, active in the automotive, farm equipment, financial services, trade and logistics, automotive components, after-market, IT and infrastructure sectors. The company has grown from being a maker of army vehicles to a major automobile and tractor manufacturer with plants in China, the UK and the USA. It is the third largest tractor company in the world and already manufactures a range of backhoe attachments for tractors.